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Auto Dealer Fraud Services

It is not the position of WCCSC’s that ALL automobile dealers commit fraud however if you are a victim of auto dealer fraud, WCCSC may be able to assist you with identifying the issues. WCCSC’s support automobile dealerships that conduct business fairly and honestly.

vehicle inspection & vehicle condition assessment report

Use this service if you intend to or have purchased a vehicle and would like to be sure it is free of prior accident damage or mechanical issues. In the Post Purchase scenario, there may be a possibility of dealer fraud or misrepresentation and due to the liability related to the selling dealer, this inspection will be completed without removal of body parts or shields.

This service includes:

  • physical inspection of the interior, exterior, engine and trunk compartment and a Product Thickness reading of all exterior panels
  • Photographs of your vehicle for use in the report
  • preliminary report outlining the prior damage if any conditions are found
  • A preliminary consultation with your attorney if necessary

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Expert witness

In some cases, it may be necessary to seek the assistance of an attorney and we can represent you as your automotive expert.

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