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WRECK CHECK CAR SCAN CENTERS is a company committed to consumer protection through post collision vehicle inspections, and by providing consumers with a number of VALUE ADDED SERVICES [VAS] such as DIMINISHED VALUE ASSESSMENTS, COLLISION MONITORING, PRE & POST PURCHASE INSPECTIONS, TOTAL LOSS & APPRAISAL PROCESS ASSISTANCE & CAR-SCANS.

WRECK CHECK CAR SCAN CENTERS offers post repair inspections that will assist the consumer with identifying remaining damage that will effect the Safety, Functionality , Appearance and Value of their vehicle.

Why Choose Wreck Check Car Scan Centers?

With WRECK CHECK CAR SCAN CENTERS in your corner, you will have a team of hard-working knowledgeable collision and diminished value professional. Wreck Check Car Scan Centers was launched in 1997 as a result of the need to identify improperly repaired collision damaged vehicles. As today’s vehicle becomes more advanced it is important to have an automotive consultant to explain the collision repair process and identify possible future concerns. WRECK CHECK CAR SCAN CENTERS can also assist with improper mechanical repairs and total loss assistance if your vehicle is being undervalued in a settlement.

Why Choose Wreck Check Car Scan Centers

Our happy clients!

Wreck Check Car Scan is the leader in Post Repair Inspections, Diminished Value Assessments and detecting Improper and Unsafe Repairs. Due to our success we have many satisfied clients that would like to tell you about their experience with our company.

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  1. I highly recommend Rocco at Wreck Check Car Scan Center. From the moment I called he was extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I had questions about diminished value where I was rear ended in an accident on the freeway. Rocco asked the right questions and helped me navigate all of the insurance companies.

    Brent S.

  2. Rocco,

    Your decades of expertise and great sense of humor were vital over this past long year in helping me to get my own insurance company and its partner shop to recognize that my car had several unaddressed serious problems, most of which would escape the everyday driver

    Larry E.

  3. Hi Brandi,

    My husband Casey and I wanted to wish you and Rocco a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for your help this year. After the insurance company basically telling us to get lost and us filing and winning our small claims case against their insured, as well as their appeal,

    Erin V.

  4. My first encounter with Rocco Avellini was in 1997 after my minivan was parked in front of my house and was hit head-on, knocking it three houses down and up onto the neighbor’s driveway. My insurance company led me to an auto body and repair shop not far from my house. They had the van for a couple of weeks and returned it to me “fixed”.

    Stacy W.

  5. The Law Office of Kerr & Sheldon, one of the first law firms handling diminished value claims, recently hired Wreck Check Car Scan Centers on behalf of their client. The client’s insurance company spent $10,000 to repair her car which should have been a total loss. After the car was repaired, it still needed expensive re-repairs and had substantial diminished value.

    The Law Office of Kerr and Sheldon

  6. Dear Friends,

    When after over two months, our Toyota Camry was presented to us as repaired from a major rear-end collision, we immediately knew that we needed help.

    Our Camry, was always a solid car but now it rattled, we were getting wind noise at speeds above 45 M.P.H., and we noticed other signs that led us to believe it had been repaired improperly.We were told repeatedly by the body shop that they experienced problems in straightening the frame which made us uneasy about the repairs.

    Fred and Miriam H.

  7. Rocco,

    I am so very grateful for the assistance that you and “Wreck Check” provided to me after my recent car accident.

    I am an intelligent, logical and reasonable person, but as soon as I attempted to effectively communicate with the insurance company I realized that I was in over my head.

    Cathy L. C.

  8. Wade and I just wanted to let you know that our ordeal with our Dodge Ram is finally over.

    We just wanted you to know that without your help, we are sure this would not have been possible! We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to you for all the help, kindness, and consideration that you gave us.

    Wade and Stephanie T.

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