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Wreck Check Car Scan Centers was founded in 1997 by Rocco J.Avellini after being selected to be the United States distributor for the first 3D dimensioning equipment designed for the collision industry. Although the creators of the Cad – Scan 3D dimensioning equipment envisioned utilizing their equipment to assist the collision repair technician to ensure that the unibody of the damaged vehicle is returned to manufacturers specifications, Rocco saw a new industry on the horizon.

Rocco immediately posted on the collision discussion boards that he was going to start a new industry and the Post Repair Industry was created.

In early 2001 after James Lynas, the founder of Wreck Check, elected to leave the industry he transferred the Wreck Check company to Rocco Avellini. Rocco immediately revised the original Wreck Check diminished value software to reflect the true loss of value to vehicles that have been involved in accidents. Rocco Avellini continued to market and sell the new Wreck Check Car Scan Center concept giving the driving public the ability to get a second opinion for collision and mechanical repairs.

Wreck Check Car Scan Centers offers licensing opportunities for locations nationally and soon internationally, giving honest, experienced and knowledgeable automotive professionals the opportunity to assist consumers before, during and after their automotive repairs and to ensure that their families are driving in a safe vehicle.

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