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Improper Vehicle Repair – measures that can increase the life of your car

If you have a car, then you will surely not think about maintenance repairs unless there is something wrong with your dream vehicle. If you follow the same perspective, then it is a bad idea as it can affect your vehicle’s life. However, many car owners don’t have much idea about “preventive maintenance” and those who have some idea consider it a waste of time and money. People not ensuring preventive measures have the highest chances of losing their insurance claim owing to improper vehicle repair.

What is improper vehicle repair?

The maintenance engineers, either in-house or hired by the insurance companies, would look into a vehicle which needs insurance claims. In such cases, they target areas that were not damaged freshly to reduce the claim’s amount. Moreover, the vehicle’s preventive maintenance will help all the car owners fetch claim due to an unfortunate incident with their car. One can also get an improper vehicle repair check-up from an experienced appraisal service that will ensure that insurance companies don’t have any chance to reduce the claim. You can follow the preventive maintenance tips mentioned below to ensure your vehicle’s long life.

Carefully read the owner’s manual at first

improper vehicle repair

Most of the experts believe that following an owner’s manual is enough to boost the life of the vehicle. If you follow the owner’s manual, then there will be no need to listen to old myths like, you have to change the oil of your car every 3000 miles. The owner’s manual will help you in understanding what your manufacturer suggests on the maintenance of your vehicle like changing oil, filters, suggestions on your drive or kind of timing belts your vehicle covers. You can also use the owner’s manual to ensure what kind of gas will be perfect for your vehicle. The owner’s manual of the vehicle will have all the good things which you need to know about the vehicle.

Most car lovers and enthusiasts understand the significance of manual and, accordingly, the safety of their vehicle. For example, some car owners use high octane oil in their fuel, which leads to damaging chambers and later affecting the vehicle’s warranty. Moreover, the damage caused by the vehicle will be more to fix while using cheaper and low-quality stuff of the vehicle. The only way to keep your car healthy is by following preventive measures to avoid improper vehicle repair. Spending a little money on preventive maintenance will help in preventing large, costly repairs later.

  1. Start your inspection at home

It is a basic practice where you can give your car a look every now and then ensure whether everything is in the right condition. You can start with checking lights from a to z to find out any basic fluctuation problem. You can then move on to tires which you can check every month to ensure a smooth and flexible ride. You can also buy an air pressure maintenance in and out also check for the treads of the tire. You can ignore if all the things are under control and if you can indicate anything suspicious, it is the right time to visit your nearest car maintenance centre.

  1. Significance of learning fluids 

If you don’t know how to change your antifreeze, power steering, coolant, and any other wiper fluid, never allow anyone else to change the car’s wiper fluid. It is vital for all the car owners to check their vehicle’s fluid levels. The fluid level inspection also varies from a model to others were in some cases you can spot the tank levels directly while in other cases, you have to check it with dipsticks or fluid gauge. Even if checking the fluid levels is not present in the owner’s manual, then there is nothing to fear because you are not doing anything wrong. Open the hood look into your engine to find out if you are running low on fluids and coolants. Also, take immediate action if you find any fluid leakage in the vehicle as it can cause some serious problem in the future.

  1. Investigate and change your serpentine and timing belts regularly

Most car owners love to change their timing belts at every 60000 miles while the serpentine belts every 40000 miles. In such cases, you can read the owner’s manuals which will suggest you the accurate numbers based on the specific type of the vehicle you will be using. If you have misplaced the owner’s manual, you can check the real numbers on diverse online platforms to find the car’s actual recommendations. Moreover, you will also get various tips and tricks to add to the life of the model on diverse online platforms.

If you feel it quite difficult, ask your mechanic to audit the belts keeping the mileage as the base. If they are good in shape, then there is nothing to worry, and if they are torn or out, then you have to replace them without fail. If you ignore repairing the belts at the start, then replacing them alongside various accessories will be more expensive.

  1. Follow routine oil check of the vehicle

Whether your car’s model has a dipstick to check the color of the oil or the manufacturers have replaced the dipstick with the electronic gauge you have to learn checking it frequently. If you can well-understand and differentiate types of oils like muddy oil, murky oil, and clean oil, you can save your time which you spend on making unwanted changes. It will also help you in understanding if something is wrong with your engine. There is no universal statement which can describe when you have to change the engine oil, but as we mentioned early with serpentine and timing belts, you can check the owner’s manual. Never believe the 3000-mile myth as for most modern vehicles, the number can reach up to 10000 miles and more.

  1. Keep a schedule of cleaning batteries and contacts

Most modern cars come with advanced batteries that not demand much maintenance and hectic work, but it is still better to check for faulty errors every now and then to check no mineral or dust has been settled on the contacts. If you find any mineral settling on your vehicle’s contacts, then you can clean it with a battery cleaning brush. You can get the regular battery cleaning brush from your nearest store for a few bucks and keep it along with the trunk. We also recommend all the car owners to buy a cheap battery tester, or you can ask your regular mechanic to give it a look.

  1. Replace the windshield wipers for a transparent look

Replacing windshield wipers might look quite silly, but most of the car owners ignore replacing wipers and then have to pay more for a bigger job. Although wipers are quite easy and cheap which you can replace it on your own but seeking an expert for this simple job will extract a lot of money for the simple task. Don’t wait for long-time if you get a blurry view and your wipers don’t work more and ignoring them can also lead to some major accidents. Visibility is a much important aspect while driving; therefore, you should not ignore or compromise with the car’s windshield and wipers.

  1. Replace your air and engine filters

If you expect a long-lasting comfortable ride from your car, you must make your car feel comfortable by keeping the air-filter fresh. Most of the models these days come with easily replaceable cabin air filters and replacing them is similar to opening a box. Maintaining your air filters will ensure that you have a pleasant and comfortable long drive.

Now, replacing your engine air filter is a bit complicated stuff although you will get the recommendations in the owner’s manuals. We also recommend you not follow the numbers correctly, and you must replace the engine air filters if you find them filled with dirt. Moreover, the engine air filter also attracts more dirt if you drive the vehicle in a polluted zone.

These are just a few things which we mentioned about your vehicle. It is essential to keep your vehicle in the right condition as it will also increase the vehicle’s resell value. Moreover, a well-maintained vehicle will also attract many buyers compared to a vehicle with lots of repairs and maintenance.

Unfortunately, if your car has collided and you have repaired it and are expecting the claim from the insurance company. You can better meet with experts like wreck check car scan for post-repair inspection before reaching out to insurance companies. The diversity of services offered by wreck check car scan includes,

  • Full-inspection of the vehicle,
  • Taking pictures of the vehicle if any damage is not repaired properly,
  • Analyzing the estimate of insurance,
  • A detailed report on the improper vehicle repair and untreated damage.

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