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Wreck Check Car Scan is the leader in Post Repair Inspections, Diminished Value Assessments and detecting Improper and Unsafe Repairs. Due to our success we have many satisfied clients that would like to tell you about their experience with our company.


Your decades of expertise and great sense of humor were vital over this past long year in helping me to get my own insurance company and its partner shop to recognize that my car had several unaddressed serious problems, most of which would escape the everyday driver, and all of which my insurance company and shop ignored, refused to accept responsibility for--until I enlisted your professional advice and aid. When all was said and done we compelled them to cover the $15,000+ total costs, over twice the initial repair costs, due to their irresponsible and unscrupulous business practices.

I learned more than I thought I would ever have to about the collision repair and auto insurance industries, but I am better informed and prepared for it.

Thanks again, my friend,
Larry E.

Hi Brandi,

My husband Casey and I wanted to wish you and Rocco a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and thank you for your help this year. After the insurance company basically telling us to get lost and us filing and winning our small claims case against their insured, as well as their appeal, we received our check from them today for the entire DV amount of Rocco's report, plus court costs per the judgement. It was Rocco's CV in the report that led the judge to rule in our favor I believe. So thank you, and please let us know if a Yelp or Google review would be helpful, as we'll be happy to write one for you.

Happy Holidays,
Erin V.

My first encounter with Rocco Avellini was in 1997 after my minivan was parked in front of my house and was hit head-on, knocking it three houses down and up onto the neighbor’s driveway. My insurance company led me to an auto body and repair shop not far from my house. They had the van for a couple of weeks and returned it to me “fixed”.

Well, that was anything but the truth. The body work was great, I’ll give them that. However, a day or so of having the van back, I was hearing mild clicking in the front end of the van that was never there before. The clicking became more constant causing me to return it a couple of times for them to investigate and fix the problem. The first time they said they fixed it but didn’t say what it was. After a day or so of driving, the clicking was back. After another visit back and the same story, I called the insurance company.

The insurance company sent out their guy to talk to the repair shop and investigate the problem. He then told me that the van was fine and that he couldn’t hear the clicking. After again getting it back and a day or so later of hearing the clicking, I decided to have someone else check it out. I found Rocco’s in Hawaiian Gardens, CA and stopped by to talk to him about it. He took the van and did a complete inspection. The outcome of the inspection was that the auto body/repair shop “butch-fixed” my van. They elongated a hole (I believe it was in the front axle.) so that the front axle would come together and the bolt would fit in. Meanwhile, where the hole was elongated, it would shift and cause the clicking noise. The van was NOT safe and could have even caused the deaths of my three year old child and myself.

Rocco helped me through the entire process of dealing with the insurance company, the auto body/repair shop and the attorneys involved in my lawsuit. This included testifying and helping me make a step by step video tape of the “butch-fix” job with him explaining what they did as well as the danger. Needless to say, justice was served.

Just last month, again I needed Rocco’s assistance and his complete knowledge of the up to date rights of the insured and the legal obligations of insurance companies and auto body/repair shops. Again he came through. During that week, while he was out here in CA, he checked out my son’s truck at the repair shop it was in and gave me valuable advice and an updated knowledge of “how to” as well. End result: We were definitely made “whole” again. I can’t thank him enough and will be happy to point anyone who has to deal with repair shops and insurance companies in his direction. Not to mention how glad I am that he still does business in California and not just in Nevada. I hope this is helpful information to anyone in Nevada who may have friends or family that need his service in Southern California.

I can’t thank you enough Rocco, you were and still are the BEST!

Stacy W.
Long Beach, CA

The Law Office of Kerr & Sheldon, one of the first law firms handling diminished value claims, recently hired Wreck Check Car Scan Centers on behalf of their client. The client’s insurance company spent $10,000 to repair her car which should have been a total loss. After the car was repaired, it still needed expensive re-repairs and had substantial diminished value.

Rocco Avellini at Wreck Check was retained to inspect the client’s vehicle to determine whether it was capable of being repaired to its pre-accident, safe condition. Using Rocco’s report the law firm wrote a letter to their client’s insurer threating them with an insurance bad faith lawsuit. When the insurer reviewed Rocco’s report they quickly reversed their position and issued an apology for their mistake.

The insurer then offered to waive their $10,000 subrogation claim or buy the car back for the price they would have paid had they totaled the vehicle in the first place, which was over $16,000. Kerr & Sheldon’s client went from being extremely upset with a prior offer of $783 in her pocket, to a very happy client looking at over $16,000 based exclusively on Rocco’s report.

The Law Office of Kerr and Sheldon
Fountain Valley, CA

Dear Friends,

When after over two months, our Toyota Camry was presented to us as repaired from a major rear-end collision, we immediately knew that we needed help.

Our Camry, was always a solid car but now it rattled, we were getting wind noise at speeds above 45 M.P.H., and we noticed other signs that led us to believe it had been repaired improperly.We were told repeatedly by the body shop that they experienced problems in straightening the frame which made us uneasy about the repairs.

We knew we needed help, but had complicated questions, Where could we go? Who would give us a reliable, accurate appraisal of the condition of our Camry? Who would be objective enough to tell us whether, and how, we should pursue any compensation? Who could advise us on the best course of action?

We were so very grateful to have found Wreck Check Car Scan and Rocco. Due to the sound advise we were given every step of the way, we were able able to go back to our insurance company and obtain a buy-back of our Camry which we felt was incapable of being properly repaired. Rocco provided us with the proper verbiage for our letters and sound advise on the follow-through.

Thank you for your advise, for always being available when we were unsure of the proper course of action and for the guidance.

Fred and Miriam H.


I am so very grateful for the assistance that you and "Wreck Check" provided to me after my recent car accident.

I am an intelligent, logical and reasonable person, but as soon as I attempted to effectively communicate with the insurance company I realized that I was in over my head.

My car was rear ended and severely disabled with major frame damage, extreme rear end damage and a buckled roof. Three initial damage appraisals were done on my vehicle ranging from $9,800.00 to over $17,000.00 and my insurance company indicated that they would be cutting me a check for the lessor amount and the issue with the car would be settled.

I searched the Internet and found information on "Wreck Check" and soon was in touch with Rocco Avellini. What a great consumer advocate I had found! Rocco clearly explained my rights and effectively guided me through the tangled insurance maze. He often dealt directly with the insurance companies and involved me with all conversations. In essence, Rocco represented my interests better than the law office I had hired to assist with the case.

This morning I accepted a check on the total loss of my vehicle. I could not have negotiated such a successful settlement without Rocco's help.

Cathy L. C.

Wade and I just wanted to let you know that our ordeal with our Dodge Ram is finally over.

We just wanted you to know that without your help, we are sure this would not have been possible! We would like to extend our appreciation and thanks to you for all the help, kindness, and consideration that you gave us. We wanted you to know that WRECK CHECK is the best thing out there for us consumers who are being taken advantage of by insurance companies and by body shops. Most people don't realize how much fraud is actually committed against them and their vehicles unless of course they have somewhere to go to like your facility. We knew that our Ram Truck was not fixed properly but we didn't realize that is would cost more the second time to fix then the original estimate of $17,000.00. Thanks to you we don't have to worry about jeopardizing our family in an unsafe vehicle. Really, words can not express our gratitude and we hope that you continue your work to help others in our same position.

Wade and Stephanie T.


As a result of your efforts and your "Collision Monitoring", my clients carrier agreed to total the car instead of paying $7,000.00 to their approved shop to repair it. Not only do I have a happy client but the increased value of the property damage, more than $10,000.00, as a total loss more appropriately reflects the severe impact which helped establish his true injuries.

Thanks again for your help.

Very Truely Yours,
Charles D. Naylor, Esq.


I have finally received the pay-off from Allstate Insurance for the total loss of my Windstar.

I want to thank you for your help in arriving at a satisfactory solution to my claim. I am ashamed to admit how little I knew about my rights as a third party in this accident.

Your intervention and the counselling prevented me from accepting the insurance company offer of $7,500.00 to cover over $20,000.00 worth of repairs. Evidently, when they realized you were adviser they change their attitude and immediately offered to total the Windstar for $18,400.00.

Anybody who finds themselves involved with an insurance Claim would be well advised to retain you at your reasonable fess.

Bob L.

If you walked the path I did, you will be "impressed" with this service.

I own a 2007 Mercedes Benz S 550. It was hit and I went to a body shop, I trusted them to do their job and they said the car was ready. "Ready for the trash bin". My mechanic checked it over and things weren't done correctly. What was done was done wrong. They sublet it to a frame shop and the frame shop trashed the frame. I went to DMV Compliance, BBB and Consumer Affairs. A friend then recommended I call Wreck Check Car Scan Center and speak to Rocco.

I was overwhelmed at his knowledge and expertise. Not only did he put together an appraisal report that rocked, he went to the DMV hearing and was a force to be reckoned with. The Judge awarded me the entire bond of the body shop, $10,000, although that won't fix everything, it sure sent a strong message. Now I find Rocco is available to follow the car from hit to finish at a body shop, don't get taken. YOU WILL!!! Don't kid yourself, not knowing what to look for leaves you open to be taken advantage of. Take it from one who knows and hire a real pro.

With Sincere thanks and a loyal referral

Melissa T.


The words “Thank you” doesn't even begin to express my gratitude for the invaluable guidance and support you have given me over the past three months.

I've always considered myself a well informed consumer, but the day after picking up my car following two months of repairs because of extensive damage I realized that something was very wrong with the repairs. I knew that I needed help and did not know where to turn. Suddenly this self proclaimed, well informed consumer was not so well informed. I did the only thing I knew to do and went searching the Internet for help, and that's where I found Wreck Check Car Scan Centers and YOU.

From the moment I contacted you, I felt I had an advocate. When I spoke to you on the phone, you had a very calming demeanour and explained to me my rights as a consumer and the process I was about to embark upon. You set up an appointment with me to inspect my car within a couple of days and you're in Nevada and I'm in California! Once the inspection was done, you did my report and I received a bounded report. With you help I started writing letters and sending packets to the insurance company as well as to the body shop that returned my car to me in such poor condition. You helped with wording the letters; you calmed me down when I thought I couldn't take another rejection from another company; you were always just a phone call or an e-mail away. You were there with me every step of the way through this process and if not for you, I don't know what I would've done or where I would be right now.

Because of your dedication to what you do, I was able to settle with the body shop to buy my car back from me and now have a brand-new car sitting in my garage. One that I feel safe driving and one that I can safely put family members and friends in without worry. You became more than an advocate through this process, you became my friend, and I will be forever grateful for the help, support and education you've provided me these past few months. I will walk through life from this point forward a better informed consumer for having known you.

I wish you and yours well always,
Mona U.

My car was rear ended with severe frame damage few months ago. After a few weeks of repair, they returned the car to me with un-repaired work where even someone like me who doesn't know about cars could tell. I tried to contact my insurance company and it did not take long before I realized that my insurance company specialized in playing tricks. I also realized that these insurance companies are only out to take advantage of their customers and are forcing body shops to cut corners in order to cars fixed at the minimum cost. They made me so angry that they are jeopardizing human life with an unsafe vehicle and they don't seem to care. At that time, I knew I need someone to protect my interests.

I searched the Internet and luckily enough, I found your web site Wreckcheckcarscan.com. The next day, I decided to call Rocco and after speaking to you, I knew you were the one I need. You explained to me my rights and answered all my questions but most importantly, you cared. You are not another person out there trying to do business. You inspected my car, explained to me step by step what was not repaired properly and guided me step by step to get my car re-repaired properly the second time. You guided me through the diminished value claim and I have total confidence that no matter how long this process will take, I can do it with you on my side.

I think you and your company are the best consumer advocates out there for people who have been taken advantaged of by insurance companies and by body shops. I have been telling people about you and your web site and hopefully we will all be wiser.

Just want you to know that without your help, I would not have done this. For sure, you represent me 150 %!

Thank you very much for being so dedicated to your work!

Onki C., MD

Dear Rocco

Insurance settlement in hand, I pause to thank you for all the help in resolving the repairs and diminished value of our vehicle - but I can unequivocally say you not only caused the improved repair to my vehicle but also the recovery of over $4,000 in diminished value from the At-Fault drivers insurance company.

I can say without hesitation should the need arise for your services in the future, I will call immediately - even before the tow truck arrives!

Thanks again,
David L.

Dear Rocco,

I just wanted you to know how thankful I am for all of your help. You may have even saved my life. If I hadn't found your service, I would be driving around in a car that was unsafe. After my car was struck while it was parked, by a possibly intoxicated driver who was talking on his cell phone at the time, I didn't know what to do. I assumed that the other driver's insurance would take care of everything and that taking my car to the dealer where I had purchased my brand new car only 1 1/2 years earlier for repairs was the right thing to do. Boy, was I wrong.

When I went to pick up my car, after 2 1/2 months in the shop, I noticed some things that didn't look right, but the body shop assured me the car was fine. I had no idea what I could do. Luckily I called you at Wreckcheck, and you came out immediately and did an extremely thorough inspection. The problems you found were appalling. I would never have known the extent of the problems until it was too late.

Thankfully, after your personal help the body shop agreed the car wasn't repaired right, and agreed to fix all the problems and provided me with a comparable rental car, which alone cost them over $10,000. Also, after they dealt with you, when I went to pick up my car the second time, they treated me with kid gloves, much differently than the first time I picked up my car, when they practically threw the keys at me and didn't even acknowledge the fact that my car had brought them over $28,000 of revenue.

I now have my beautiful car back and can drive it with peace of mind. I recommend you to everyone, if they ever have a need for those services. The one thing I would have changed, though, is to have you involved at the beginning of the process, it would have saved me a lot of time and heartache. The one thing everyone needs to know is that the insurance companies and body shops are not to be trusted, unfortunately I had to find out the hard way. Also, I have always been skeptical about doing business with anyone, and I can say you went above and beyond anything that I ever expected from you.

Julia D S., DDS

Dear Rocco,

I count my blessings to know that there are people like you out there in the world that are looking out for the folks, and that I was lucky enough to be referred to you.

From immediately after the accident (when I was hit from behind at a traffic light) to receiving the diminished value settlement of $30,000 several months later, you have been a trusted advocate and friend. It has been a privilege to work with you and one of the best decisions I have made in recent years. Thank you for teaching me how the settlement process works, what to look for during the repair of my vehicle, the approach the insurance providers will take, the importance of patience (it is critical!) and to trust my gut feel.

Thank you for everything you have done for me.

Your loyal referral and friend,
Rich S.
Hermosa Beach, CA.

Hi Rocco,

Six months ago, I was made aware of poor workmanship on my son's car by an Auto Body shop in Las Vegas.

Not knowing anything about Auto Body repairs, I retained the services of Mr. Rocco Avellini of Wreck Check Car Scan Centers.

Rocco made himself available to inspect the vehicle within 1 day of contacting him and provided a full report within a week of the inspection. Turns out that not only was there poor workmanship, there was fraud.

The shop had installed incorrect parts and did not install the primary part reflected on the estimate. I had to file disputes and claims against the body shop over a 6 month period.

Although Rocco could not fight the fight for me, he was there for the entire process. Rocco checked in with me on a regular basis, always returned my calls and emails timely, provided input when I had questions or needed an opinion, and when I had to meet with the owner of the body shop, Rocco made himself available for me. After seeing the car, and meeting with Rocco and myself, the owner of the shop agreed to refund my money!

I would recommend that anyone who questions the work that was performed on their vehicle by an Auto Body shop, get an inspection! I would never have known what was, or was not, done on the car without one. I would recommend Rocco to provide that inspection.

Thanks Rocco!

Sandy K

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